Colossal Fossils

Colossal Fossils offers many unique programs to suit an organization’s needs.  We provide hands-on, educational, and entertaining programming for schools, museums, libraries, and more.

If you are within an hour of Wausau, it might make sense to visit our downtown museum.  Packed with extremely unique and important discoveries, our tour guides share these stories in fun, entertaining presentations.  Each group visit begins with a 45-minute presentation followed by ample free time for your students to explore the exhibits on their own, and at their own pace.  Packed with hands-on activities, students are sure to leave our museum with new insights in how this amazing world came to be. Call 715-303-9407 or email us at for more information.

Downtown Museum - Large Groups

(“Ivan” the Tyrannosaurus was a temporary exhibit that we had this past summer)

Colossal Fossils has some amazing exhibits that are available for rent on a monthly basis. You could have a skull from the largest wooly mammoth in North America looming over the children as they enter school each day, or put a massive saber-tooth cat with huge fangs in your library.

Want to rent something else? Just ask!

Even better, our talented tour guides can make a trip to your school to discuss the exhibits that you have rented. They will bring along additional fossils that will help tell the story about your exhibit. Both educational and fun, these presentations help to solidify the knowledge that the children have gained about these particular specimens. Call 715-303-9407 or email us at for more information.

Exhibit Rentals

Whether near or far, perhaps a visit to your town might be in order.  Colossal Fossils offers three different packages to suit your organization’s needs.  We offer presentations about exciting fossils, and full skeletons, or we can even bring an entire museum to your gym! Call 715-303-9407 or email us at for more information.

Traveling Programs

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