Fossil Hunting in Wisconsin
Precambrian Eon

4,600 - 541 mya

Paleozoic Era

541 - 252 mya

Mesozoic EraMesozoic.html
252 - 66 myaMesozoic.html
Cenozoic Era

66 mya - present

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Where can I find fossils in Wisconsin?

Be courteous when searching for fossils.  If you plan to search private property, always ask for permission from the land owner first.  Keep in mind that Colossal Fossils Inc. is not responsible for determining whether or not permission is required.

Use appropriate safety gear.  Many areas could have hazards like falling rocks.  Hard hats and safety glasses may be appropriate.

  1. BulletEau Claire County: Outcrops on Mt. Washington are rich in brachiopods and trilobites.

  1. BulletDoor County: Look amongst the rocks on the beach along the shores of Kangaroo Lake.  Corals are extremely plentiful.

  1. BulletGrant County: Ordovician fossils are prevalent on highways both south and west of Fennimore.

  1. BulletGreen County: Trilobites and gastropods can be found in a road cut west of junction WI92 & WI69.

  1. BulletMonroe County: 8 miles west of Tomah, in road cuts along Highway 16, look for trilobites

  1. BulletTrempeleau County: Fossils can be found near the town of Trempeleau and north of Whitehall along many road cuts.