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Oct 2018
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  • DPI Conference

    DPI Conference

    DPI Conference


    We will have a booth at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction conference at Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells!

  • Wisconsin Science Festival

    Wisconsin Science Festival

    Come learn about your favorite dinosaurs as Colossal Fossils celebrates the Wisconsin Science Festival!

    Oct-11-2018 - Oct-13-2018

    10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    The Wisconsin Science Festival is back, and Colossal Fossils is once again taking part in this fun, state-wide science event!
    On October 11-13 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday), Colossal Fossils' Downtown Museum will be open to the public where people can learn about their favorite animals like T. Rex, wooly mammoths, and more!
    As always, it's hands-on with fun, interactive activities and exploration areas where kids can touch and handle many of our fossil displays, as well as make slime, and more!

  • Private Event

    Private Event


  • Boscobel Elementary

    Boscobel Elementary

    Educational programs at Boscobel Elementary!


  • North Crawford Elementary School

    North Crawford Elementary School

    North Crawford Elementary


    A full-day event at North Crawford Elementary School in Soldiers Grove, WI.

  • De Soto Elementary

    De Soto Elementary

    Visiting two elementary schools within the De Soto school district!


  • Private Tour

    Private Tour


  • Dinosaurs at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library

    Dinosaurs at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library

    Dinosaurs are coming to Eau Claire, Wisconsin!


  • Halloween Tours

    Halloween Tours

    Flashlight tours at the downtown museum


    10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    Bring your flashlights, kids!  It's time for the annual flashlight tours at Colossal Fossils' downtown museum in historic Wausau, WI!

  • Private Tour

    Private Tour