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February 22 2019
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  • Antigo Dinosaur Days

    Antigo Dinosaur Days

    Dinosaurs are coming to Antigo, Wisconsin!

    Feb-22-2019 - Feb-23-2019

    Join Colossal Fossils at North Star Lanes in Antigo, Wisconsin for Dinosaur Days!
    This incredible, two-day event is jam-packed with your favorite dinosaurs, and ice age mammals.  With tours included, the hands-on experience will get you face-to-face with saber-tooth cats, wooly mammoths, and more!  Learn about the first people in Wisconsin, chat with our T. rex experts, and build a dinosaur of your own with our giant, 3-D puzzles.
    Friday, February 22nd
    3 pm - 7 pm
    Saturday, February 23rd
    10 am - 4 pm
    Tickets: $10/each (Purchase at the door)
    Kids ages 3 and under are FREE