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Colossal Kids Dinosaur Club

Colossal Kids Dinosaur Club

It's here!  Sign your kid up online for a 1-year membership to the Colossal Kids Dinosaur Club.
Only $20 for a 1-year membership.
Gain access to special prizes, contests, events and more by becoming an official member of the Colossal Kids Dinosaur Club. For kids ages 4-13.

Membership includes:
- Free admission to the museum all year long
- A monthly e-newsletter with interesting facts and articles about your favorite dinosaurs
- A monthly drawing for a chance to win a cool prize
- Exclusive competitions
- Visit the Colossal Fossils museum or any CF event 4 times and you'll get your name put into a special drawing
- And much more!


Steph Daniels

Stephanie Daniels is the co-founder and vice president of Colossal Fossils, Inc.