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Coming Soon: Downtown Dinosaurs!

Colossal Fossils, the non-profit science museum located in the Wausau Center Mall, is excited to announce its newest exhibit beginning November 4th, "Predators and Prey.”

"This is going to be an incredible exhibit for the Wausau area,” explains David Daniels, executive director of Colossal Fossils, "We have a multitude of new dinosaur skeletons coming to the downtown area. This is what people want to see. We asked for feedback, we were told that we should have more dinosaurs, and this is exactly what we are doing. The collection is going to be absolutely stunning.”

The newest exhibit will include dinosaur skeletons, skulls, and bones that highlight the relationship between the predatory dinosaurs and their prey.

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Steph Daniels

Stephanie Daniels is the co-founder and vice president of Colossal Fossils, Inc.