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The New King of Wisconsin

The New King of Wisconsin

Watch out, folks!  The state of Wisconsin will have a new resident starting next summer.  David Daniels, the Executive Director of Colossal Fossils, announced earlier this week that the non-profit dinosaur museum has raised enough funds to move forward with the purchase of a 40' Tyrannosaurus rex.
"We are so excited to be at this point." says Daniels. "This was a huge community effort that began about four years ago when we approached a few local businesses with the idea.  They immediately showed interest."
Things really took off as the non-profit continued to grow its own programs.  In the summer of 2017, after renting a T. rex for a few months at their newly established downtown museum in Wausau, WI, the board of directors came to a quick conclusion that having something like this in Central Wisconsin just made sense.
"A Tyrannosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that every child loves, and every person knows."  says Daniels. "However, dinosaurs like this aren't found in smaller communities.  Most people have to drive to cities like Chicago or New York to see something this immense.  We thought... why not Wausau?"
Having a Tyrannosaurus rex in Wausau, Wisconsin immediately makes this dinosaur accessible to hundreds of thousands of people who can't make the drive to larger cities.  From Green Bay to Hudson, from Madison to the many small communities in northern Wisconsin like Sayner, Eagle River, or Minocqua, this gigantic dinosaur is for everyone.
 The Tyrannosaurus is expected to make Wausau its permanent home beginning in the summer of 2019.  Keep up to date on the progress of this project at or Colossal Fossils' Facebook page.
Colossal Fossils would like to thank all of the organizations, businesses and individuals who made this effort possible:
B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation; Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin; Shopko; Shopko Foundation; Ruderware Law Firm; VanZeeland Manufacturing Inc.; Clyde Schlueter Foundation; Wisconsin Public Service Foundation; PAW Health Network; Murco Foundation; Mid-Wisconsin Foundation; Snapshot Science, LLC; CoVantage Credit Union; CoVantage Cares Foundation; Cracked, LLC Escape Room Wausau; River Valley Bank; and the many individuals who contributed to this amazing exhibit!
Colossal Fossils is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization from Wausau, Wisconsin that specializes in natural history programs for schools, libraries and museums throughout the Midwest.
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Steph Daniels

Stephanie Daniels is the co-founder and vice president of Colossal Fossils, Inc.