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Meet Justen Willemon

Meet Justen Willemon

Meet our board president!
When you take part in a Colossal Fossils experience, either at the downtown museum in historic Wausau, WI, or perhaps at one of their statewide programs, you may not realize that there are many people who are involved behind-the-scenes to make this organization what it is today.
We would like to introduce you to one of them now.  Meet Justen Willemon, the board president of Colossal Fossils Inc.
Justen Willemon
Colossal Fossils Board President
Hometown: Luxemburg, WI
Education: Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin - Stout
Career History: Hearing Instrument Specialist
Family: My wife, Melissa, and I have two children.  Lucas is 5 and Emma is 2.  Melissa and I have been married for 9 years.

As a Board Certified Hearing Care Professional, Justen is a respected leader who trains and supports a team of Hearing Instrument Specialists.  He shares his passion for community involvement, team building and strategic development skills to contribute to organizational partnerships and growth.  Originally from Luxemburg, WI, Justen currently resides in Schofield, WI, with his wife Melissa and two children, Lucas and Emma.  Since 2015, Justen has been supporting Colossal Fossils as a Board Member, became Board President in 2016 and is also a member of the Governance Committee.  Justen holds a Bachelor Degree from UW Stout.  


Justen states "What I like most about Colossal Fossils’ mission is that we are offering a very inspirational learning experience to both schools and our local community. The different exhibits that we bring in and the expertise and excitement of our Executive Director really help to bring things alive for visitors in the community.  By being a destination for schools to come, or even when we get to go in and bring pieces of our exhibits to schools just makes for a lesson that the kids won’t soon forget!  I look forward to the growth of our organization and the new experiences we will provide.”




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Steph Daniels

Stephanie Daniels is the co-founder and vice president of Colossal Fossils, Inc.